Bradley’s Fight: a Battle Against Neuroblastoma

Today’s post is a special one because the Christmas card I made is in support of 5-year old Bradley Lowery’s fight against Neuroblastoma. I came across a YouTube video of him being the mascot for Sunderland in their match against Chelsea. It was so heartwarming and I began to follow his story. Check it out below: […]

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3D Paper Snowflake

3D Paper Snowflake: Fancy Ones that Grab Attention!

Riding on my lucky streak of following tutorials, I have another one that I completed to great success! Snowflakes are everywhere right now (both decorative and weather-wise!) and I thought I’d take it another step further by making a 3D paper snowflake. This is what your end product should look like: Looks so fancy, right? Looks […]

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Paper heart garland

Paper Heart Garland: Easy Wall Decoration

I came across this really cute Christmas garland being done on Crafts Unleashed. Her polka dot garland over the fireplace was so pretty, I had to try it! And after my last misadventure with the toilet paper roll following a tutorial, I felt like I had to redeem myself. The instructions were simple and the supplies […]

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Homemade bow from recycled gift wrap

Homemade Bow: Recycle your Gift Wrap Paper!

The holiday season is finally upon us! If you’re a paper collector like me, you’ll have a lot of scrap paper lying around, especially gift wrap. Here’s a homemade bow made from recycled gift wrap paper. (Yup, this is the same leftover paper from my phone holder misadventure.) For me, this beats the ribbon bows that […]

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Phone Holder: A Toilet Paper Roll Misadventure

I finally have a misadventure for you guys! I was trying to do a tutorial from Craft ‘n Creations on their toilet paper roll phone holder, but it was an epic fail for me. Why? In the age of ever changing technology and evolving trends, my phone was so big that it knocked my paper […]

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Snowflake Card

Snowflake Card: Holiday Cross-stitch DIYs

My last cross-stitch card seemed like a big hit, so I thought I’d make another one! This snowflake card uses one colour (white) against a red background. It’s fairly simple if you draw out your target stitches beforehand. The x’s should appear even (but not too perfect) and consistent. Here is my halfway point below. […]

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Egg Carton Crafts: Remembrance Day Poppies

Every November, it warms my heart when I see people wearing poppies. There’s an old lady in the mall near my workplace that I walk past every day, who takes donations and helps you pin your poppy on. I look forward to seeing her every year. It’s Remembrance Day long weekend and I had just […]

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Soup or something...

Flu Season Get Well Card: felt detail cover

This wasn’t even supposed to be a funny card, but it somehow ended up that way. I tried to save the image on the front…  In the spirit of trying new things and having a bit of a laugh (at my own expense haha!), I made a Get Well card to help us get through […]

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Cute Halloween clay art: Mini Pumpkins

Halloween is nearly upon us! What’s your costume this year? I’ve been away for work and haven’t had the time to create my ultimate costume. I can’t share it with you yet!! I feel like it’ll just de-motivate me and I will never get to it next year. My grandparents like to give out candy, […]

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Leftover clay? Don’t throw them out! Use it to make something

I know Thanksgiving just happened, but I’m not talking about that!L I’m talking about all the excess pieces of leftover clay from your projects. (Although, if you are still eating leftovers from Thanksgiving, then you must have an iron stomach!) Today I’m sharing an old art piece that is slightly food related. I honestly can’t remember where […]

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