Month: October 2016

Soup or something...

Flu Season Get Well Card: felt detail cover

This wasn’t even supposed to be a funny card, but it somehow ended up that way. I tried to save the image on the front…  In the spirit of trying new things and having a bit of a laugh (at my own expense haha!), I made a Get Well card to help us get through […]

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Cute Halloween clay art: Mini Pumpkins

Halloween is nearly upon us! What’s your costume this year? I’ve been away for work and haven’t had the time to create my ultimate costume. I can’t share it with you yet!! I feel like it’ll just de-motivate me and I will never get to it next year. My grandparents like to give out candy, […]

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Leftover clay? Don’t throw them out! Use it to make something

I know Thanksgiving just happened, but I’m not talking about that!L I’m talking about all the excess pieces of leftover clay from your projects. (Although, if you are still eating leftovers from Thanksgiving, then you must have an iron stomach!) Today I’m sharing an old art piece that is slightly food related. I honestly can’t remember where […]

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Love, Paper Love: a unique spin on a good ol’ greeting card

I have this obsession with paper. I love it! I started out collecting origami folding paper with the pretty Japanese designs on the back, saving one pattern of each into a folder before moving on to cardstock, gift wrap paper, and even some fancy chocolate wrappers. Cue in present day, the folder is bulging with different types of […]

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Googly Eyes: make a love bug magnet in 10 minutes!

My mother always said, “If you don’t know where to start, start with something small!” Today’s project will be simple, small, and very cute. It also includes my all-time favourite supply: googly eyes! As is typical Vancouver, it is raining very hard. What is not so typical is the severe storm we’re about to get brought on by […]

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