Leftover clay? Don’t throw them out! Use it to make something

I know Thanksgiving just happened, but I’m not talking about that!L I’m talking about all the excess pieces of leftover clay from your projects. (Although, if you are still eating leftovers from Thanksgiving, then you must have an iron stomach!)

Today I’m sharing an old art piece that is slightly food related. I honestly can’t remember where I got this idea from, but it’s definitely not an original from me and I’m sure you’ve seen a variation of it around. I present to you… the spatula holder!


Here are the steps:

  1. Stack three ‘discs’, one slightly wider than the other two, for the base
  2. Roll a ball of clay and press the handle of your spatula into it to form the perfect fit
  3. Attach it to the top of the discs
  4. Roll five medium sized balls of clay, flatten, and cut in half to attach as ‘petals’
  5. Optional: Roll a thin strip of clay and wrap it around the flower
  6. Bake!

Since this takes up a considerable amount of clay, I used a bit of leftover orange and yellow to make the center of the flower. If your workstation looks anything like mine, you can do the same!

leftover clay

In the end, you just want to be able to roll complementary colours together to make one nice block of clay to use!

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2 thoughts on “Leftover clay? Don’t throw them out! Use it to make something

  1. Omg this is so nifty, I know so many elemtary teachers that would love this website! super cute!!

    1. Wow! I never thought about elementary school teachers liking my blog, but that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the comment :)!!

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