Cute Halloween clay art: Mini Pumpkins

Halloween is nearly upon us! What’s your costume this year? I’ve been away for work and haven’t had the time to create my ultimate costume. I can’t share it with you yet!! I feel like it’ll just de-motivate me and I will never get to it next year.

My grandparents like to give out candy, but they get jumpy every time someone rings their doorbell. There’s this slight mad panic as they scramble to open the door, so for the past couple holidays, I’ve come by to volunteer and help. Well, wouldn’t you know it? Kids have stopped coming by the house! And if they did want to show up, they come before the sun comes down.

So, if you’re just going to be sitting around like me, then here’s a very quick polymer clay project you can do to keep yourself entertained! Allow me to introduce these mini pumpkins:


What you’ll need:

  • Orange, green, black, and purple clay
  • A toothpick
  • Pen
  1. Roll out a ball of black clay and flatten it with your pen. Fit the disc over the pen cap like so:


Optional: Roll out a thin strip of purple clay and press it around the base of the hat

2. Roll out some orange clay and use your toothpick to create some grooves:dscn0634

3. Use your fingers and mold a bit of green clay into triangles. Attach it to the top of your pumpkin:


4. And… bake!


You can attach these to magnets (I would recommend using superglue) or you can push an eye pin into these before you bake to turn them into charms.

Happy Halloween 🙂 Post a pic of your costume and share it with me!!

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6 thoughts on “Cute Halloween clay art: Mini Pumpkins

  1. I am the most un-artsy person I know but I think that I could actually make these halloween pumpkin things and not screw them up! It was very well explained and the photos were really helpful! Thanks!

    1. You can do it!!!!! Share a pic or something later if you end up trying one of these projects out 🙂

  2. These are so fun! What a great idea!!! Where’s the best play to get that clay?

    1. Thanks, Angela!!! Sorry for the late reply. I’d hit up Michael’s and start with Sculpey or Fimo clay!

  3. This is cute! Great idea for kids (or adults who loves art) for Halloween.

    One of my really close friends makes clay pieces with polymer clay. She’s been doing it as a hobby for a while now but she finally opened her etsy store. Check it out! (I designed her Pudding logo :P)

    1. Oooooh my gawd, that is INCREDIBLY CUTE! Thanks for showing this to me!

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