Flu Season Get Well Card: felt detail cover

This wasn’t even supposed to be a funny card, but it somehow ended up that way. I tried to save the image on the front… ┬áIn the spirit of trying new things and having a bit of a laugh (at my own expense haha!), I made a Get Well card to help us get through Flu Season! Initially, it was supposed to be a feel-good card, but as I got into it, it started to become more and more comedic. As you can see, I’m not very good at drawing.

Soup or something...

The blank card, I got in a sweet deal from Michaels. I showed all the colours and designs in my last card-making post. I expect to be making a few more very soon! The cover art is made from felt that I found at the dollar store. The pack had blue, red, green, purple, and black. I used four colours:


First, I drew a sketch of the soup.


Because my felt was so thin, I was able to put it over this sketch and draw the outlines onto the felt. What would’ve been easier, and I totally recommend you do this instead, is to draw out your image on paper, cut out the parts, and trace it on your felt.


I cut the parts out and glued them down. The little bits of green and red were supposed to be vegetables, but now it just looks like a strange bowl of salsa. Lastly, add some text inside to make your friend smile!


But seriously, bundle up! It’s been incredibly rainy here lately and everyone on public transit is either sneezing or coughing. Remember to wash your hands…!

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2 thoughts on “Flu Season Get Well Card: felt detail cover

  1. Great card. Such a pretty card. If I were sick and I got this card it would brighten me up.

    1. Thanks, Frances!!

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