Egg Carton Crafts: Remembrance Day Poppies

Every November, it warms my heart when I see people wearing poppies. There’s an old lady in the mall near my workplace that I walk past every day, who takes donations and helps you pin your poppy on. I look forward to seeing her every year. It’s Remembrance Day long weekend and I had just gone through a carton of eggs. Instead of throwing the carton away, I took it aside and tried to think of things to do with it. Egg carton crafts don’t have to be difficult and the main goal of all my little projects is to have fun, not take it too seriously… If you look closely from the bottom of the carton, you’ll notice they look like poppies! So, I thought I’d make something in light of the occasion.


You don’t need many supplies for this one. The main items you’ll need are: glitter, glue, a brush, and some construction paper. I found all of these things in the dollarstore and best of all, you can go on to use them for other projects.


I also ventured into making my first YouTube video ever. What an endeavor. I have a whole new appreciation for those who do this consistently. The key lesson I learned here is that prep is VERY important. Imagine filming and realizing you’re missing something you want to use. It’s best to have all your supplies laid out ahead of time. If you’d like to continue learning about how I made this fun little art piece, watch my video below! This project is great for kids. Oh, by the way, watch out for the glitter. It gets everywhere…


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2 thoughts on “Egg Carton Crafts: Remembrance Day Poppies

  1. We LOVED Art Attack…your site brings back memories of being Brown Owl & Sparkle Spark 🙂

    1. 🙂 it’s still so good when I watch the episodes now!

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