Snowflake Card: Holiday Cross-stitch DIYs

My last cross-stitch card seemed like a big hit, so I thought I’d make another one! This snowflake card uses one colour (white) against a red background. It’s fairly simple if you draw out your target stitches beforehand. The x’s should appear even (but not too perfect) and consistent. Here is my halfway point below. You can see that I drew out the pattern and pre-poked the holes where the needle goes through. An alternative is to pre-draw the pattern onto graph paper and lay it over the card before you poke the holes.

snowflake card

The finished product looks like this! As always, make sure to get some cardstock and glue it onto the backside of the cover. This way, you can hide the stitches at the back đŸ™‚ Enjoy!

Finished Snowflake Card

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