Phone Holder: A Toilet Paper Roll Misadventure

I finally have a misadventure for you guys! I was trying to do a tutorial from Craft ‘n Creations on their toilet paper roll phone holder, but it was an epic fail for me. Why? In the age of ever changing technology and evolving trends, my phone was so big that it knocked my paper holder right over. I think this would be great for small devices. You know what you could try though? This might work better if you washed out a 1L milk carton. You won’t need to worry about it rolling away either! I’ll give that a try later! (Well, first I have to find a milk carton. I don’t drink it!)

The idea is to end up with a creation that looks like this:

Image from Craft n Creations Youtube video
24 Image from Craft n Creations Youtube video

So pretty, right?? Here’s how mine went…

First I grabbed a toilet paper roll. The tutorial used thumbtacks, which I didn’t have. What I did have, though, were some mini popsicle sticks. I cut those in half and was planning on cutting a slit at the bottom of the roll and using the sticks as pegs to keep it from rolling.

toilet paper roll and popsicle sticks

Next, you need to cut a slit big enough for your phone to fit in.

phone holder

So far so good…

Then you’re supposed to wrap the toilet paper roll with gift wrap:

toilet paper roll wrap

This is where the story ends because I put a stack of popsicle sticks behind the roll just to see if it would tip over and… of course it did! My phone was too tall for it. Even if I put the legs in, it would tip over from the sheer weight of the phone. Like I mentioned, this would work well if you had a smaller phone. Mine is a 5.5″ screen, I think. I’m still determined to make this work, though! I’ll do another post as soon as a I find a milk/juice carton!


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