Homemade Bow: Recycle your Gift Wrap Paper!

The holiday season is finally upon us! If you’re a paper collector like me, you’ll have a lot of scrap paper lying around, especially gift wrap. Here’s a homemade bow made from recycled gift wrap paper. (Yup, this is the┬ásame leftover paper from my phone holder misadventure.) For me, this beats the ribbon bows that you buy only to have them thrown out (well, usually) in the end anyway. (I also keep these bows when people give me a gift with them on!) These homemade bows are easy to make, recyclable, and cute! If you have shiny paper, it’ll look even better. Let’s get started!

  1. Grab your gift wrap paper and cut the edges into a nice shape like so:
  2. Cut the paper into strips
    Gift wrap strips
  3. Glue the ends together to make a loop
  4. Fold the loop where the glue starts
    Loop fold
  5. Glue them layer by layer in the middle
  6. Ta-da! You’re all done ­čÖé
    Homemade bow

This is a great one to do with your kids. It’s almost mess-free and all the materials you need are safe to handle for kids of all ages. It also doesn’t take very long and you can make a dozen of these in no time. I used to get Purdys chocolates every holiday and they came wrapped in lovely gold or red shiny paper. Sometimes I’ll use it to wrap a gift, but I think it’s weird to have Purdy’s logo all over the back of it when my gift has nothing to do with the treat! So I’ve been using them to make these bows. From far away, you can’t even really tell that your homemade bow is not the usual plastic ribbon bow! You just have to make more loops of different sizes and fluff up the bow.

Have fun with this!

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