Paper Heart Garland: Easy Wall Decoration

I came across this really cute Christmas garland being done on Crafts Unleashed. Her polka dot garland over the fireplace was so pretty, I had to try it! And after my last misadventure with the toilet paper roll following a tutorial, I felt like I had to redeem myself. The instructions were simple and the supplies included nothing more than adhesive paper, cardstock, a giant hole punch, and fishing line. I didn’t quite have the exact supplies, so what did I do? Rummage through the craft drawer at work to see what was left over in there. Lo and behold! There was a heart hole puncher, fishing line, and some coloured paper. With my limited resources, I present to you: the paper heart garland!

Paper Heart Garland

In the instructions, it says to use a 2″ hole puncher to get even shapes. But! You can easily cut out your shapes on cardstock or cardboard and trace them over your paper. It’ll take a bit more time cutting them out, but this way, you can get all sorts of shapes for your garland! Check out my video below on how I made mine:

Something else you could do is make several vertical paper heart garlands. Then you can hang them along your window like how Strawberry Chic has done it here:

Strawberry Chic
Image from Strawberry Chic’s craft blog

It’s so pretty, right? She’s also done it in a different way where the string goes right through the paper. The possibilities are endless! Although, I do always end up thinking how difficult it must be to clean after dust has gathered over. Haha! Good luck, give this a whirl!

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