3D Paper Snowflake: Fancy Ones that Grab Attention!

Riding on my lucky streak of following tutorials, I have another one that I completed to great success! Snowflakes are everywhere right now (both decorative and weather-wise!) and I thought I’d take it another step further by making a 3D paper snowflake. This is what your end product should look like:

3D Paper Snowflake

Looks so fancy, right? Looks a bit difficult? Fear not! All you need for this project is: Gift wrap paper, tape, and scissors. I got this lovely wrapping paper when a co-worker gave us chocolate advent calendars two weeks ago. I told you I have uses for things I collect 😉 Now, let’s get to it!

First, cut your gift wrap into six equal squares.


Then, fold them into triangles twice. On the folded edge, cut three lines just 1cm shy of the edges.


You’ll end up with six like this:


Open them up. First tape the inner cut into a loop. Flip it around and do another loop on the other side. Repeat until you have this 3D shape.


Once you’re done, it’ll look something like this:
3D shapes

Flip the shapes on its side and tape the bottoms together to form a circle. Do it six times and the end result will be a completed snowflake.

Snowflake assembly

If you’re still stuck, here’s the video from Craft n’ Creations I followed to create this! You’ll see she used double-sided tape, which will make your life much easier, but I didn’t have that so I went with good ol’ regular tape and some shiny star stickers to cover it up. Have fun with this! I used my leftover fishing line from my paper heart garland project to hang it above my cubicle! And there you have it: a 3D paper snowflake that took less than half an hour!

Hanging Snowflake

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