Bradley’s Fight: a Battle Against Neuroblastoma

Bradley Lowery
Image from Belfast Telegraph

Today’s post is a special one because the Christmas card I made is in support of 5-year old Bradley Lowery’s fight against Neuroblastoma. I came across a YouTube video of him being the mascot for Sunderland in their match against Chelsea. It was so heartwarming and I began to follow his story. Check it out below:

According to Bradley’s website, Neuroblastoma is the second most common solid tumour in childhood, and it makes up 8% of the total number of children’s cancers. Bradley was diagnosed in 2013 when he was just 2 years old. He had successfully beat the cancer, but just this summer went into relapse. The treatment he needs is not available in the UK, so his parents are seeking help send Bradley abroad.

The treatment may or may not work and time is limited. Bradley’s wish this holiday is to receive as many Christmas cards as possible. So if you have a spare card to send him, please do. Below is the address and my card-making process (which you are no stranger to!) Thank you for your time.

Bradley's Fight

I went and got some nicer threads to use on the card. The markers are for the planning process. supplies

The heart I used in this design is Bradley’s logo on his website. I mocked up the design on grid paper as it is more complicated than I would usually do.

Using markers or coloured pencil crayons will help you know when to switch threads in the cross-stitching process.


Mark your stitches on your blank card:Holes
The end result will look like this! I used a couple of needles so I didn’t have to re-thread all the time.

Bradley's Card

Thank you for tuning into this blog post. I hope you send Bradley a Christmas card with an encouraging message for him to enjoy. Have a safe and happy holiday, friends!

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  1. I so love this. What a cute and brave little chap!

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