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Homemade bow from recycled gift wrap

Homemade Bow: Recycle your Gift Wrap Paper!

The holiday season is finally upon us! If you’re a paper collector like me, you’ll have a lot of scrap paper lying around, especially gift wrap. Here’s a homemade bow made from recycled gift wrap paper. (Yup, this is the same leftover paper from my phone holder misadventure.) For me, this beats the ribbon bows that […]

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Snowflake Card

Snowflake Card: Holiday Cross-stitch DIYs

My last cross-stitch card seemed like a big hit, so I thought I’d make another one! This snowflake card uses one colour (white) against a red background. It’s fairly simple if you draw out your target stitches beforehand. The x’s should appear even (but not too perfect) and consistent. Here is my halfway point below. […]

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Cute Halloween clay art: Mini Pumpkins

Halloween is nearly upon us! What’s your costume this year? I’ve been away for work and haven’t had the time to create my ultimate costume. I can’t share it with you yet!! I feel like it’ll just de-motivate me and I will never get to it next year. My grandparents like to give out candy, […]

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Googly Eyes: make a love bug magnet in 10 minutes!

My mother always said, “If you don’t know where to start, start with something small!” Today’s project will be simple, small, and very cute. It also includes my all-time favourite supply: googly eyes! As is typical Vancouver, it is raining very hard. What is not so typical is the severe storm we’re about to get brought on by […]

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