Inspiration Wall

Inspiration Wall: What helps you get started? Spark creativity?

Welcome to my inspiration wall! For me, getting started is the hardest part. So, I started this page to capture things that I like or would want to try. My oldest memory is: as a child, one of my favourite shows was Art Attack, a children’s program that featured creative ideas and projects that kids could do that home. I would often drag my mom over to the TV to tell her all the supplies I needed to replicate the the things I saw. Easy and popular gifts for me were DIY kits and I would spend many afternoons creating new things. You’ll find so many ideas that will spark inspiration for your own personal projects, so please give it a shot!

Here, I’ll leave you with an episode of Art Attack. If you loved it as much as I do, reminisce with me! If it’s completely new to you, I think you’re in for a treat:

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